Rawko, the heart of brave men, is a particular terroir whose soil and climate give life to our wines. From the center of Chile, has access to more than a thousand hectares of vineyards in the Maule Valley, of vines planted a hundred meters above sea level and at a distance of 82 kilometers from the Pacific Ocean. The area enjoys a privileged microclimate and good thermal variation, which allows the grapes of the different strains to be harvested in the best way to make our renowned wines.


Arauco Pays Homage to our roots, giving value to the mysticism of our peoples, which uses their symbols to combine essentials values with the spirits and bring a promise of originality, delight and excellence into the world.

The legend says that the name Arauco cames from the word Rag-Co, the name used by the mapuches (mapu-che- men of the land) to describe an area of their land. The name extended through all the territory.