Who we Are

We are a Chile wine Group company in Maule Valley with a tradition more than 130 years old, we have total capacity of 20 million litter in our 3 cellar, top 8 in the export market in Chile, with 520 hectares of Estate vineyards close to the winery and 640 additional hectares managed in long-term contracts in different valleys, 3 bottling line and production of 24 million bottles per year and certification (IFS, BRC, Global G.A.P. and Sodex Smeta).

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This is part of a wine group with total capacity of 20 million liter in 3 different cellar and a big capacity of bottling, top 8 winery in Chile all in stainless steel tank, pneumatic press, cooler equipment, filter of vacuum, pressure and plate all this equipment are from Europe, we have a big capacity to process grape. This cellar have excellent location at 10 Km from the train station and airport.


British standard for product management in terms of Security, Integrity, Legality and Safety in wine production and total quality management within the production. 5 years with the highest rating AA

Global G.A.P: It is a standard to ensure the quality and safety of the food that comes from our fields. In addition to ensuring fair treatment and sustainable management of natural resources

German standard for auditing companies that process food and packaged / bottled products. Seek full quality management and safety. 3 years with 98% + compliance

Sedex SMETA: procedure that brings good practices in a 360ยบ ethical audit technique. Fair and ethical behavior with all our related audiences